Blue World 2.0


Campaign Branding / Art Direction / Social Media / Out of Home / Video Concepting (TVC)
Blue World 2.0


The concept.

As a mobile wireless company, Visible’s been at the forefront of creating engaging, meaningful, and smart campaigns to promote their wireless plans. Through building the “Blue World” — an aesthetic based around the use of the Visible Blue — they’ve developed countless iterations and campaigns, each a different interpretation on how that Blue World comes to life.

In an effort to revamp their brand campaign to appeal to tech savvy, smart users, we relaunched Visible with “Blue World 2.0” and worked with Scholar, a creative production company, to build out a brand new, beautiful, 3D-rendered world.

The challenge.

Creating a world entirely built in the 3D world, while captivating and gorgeous, came with its fair share of learning curves along the way. Ensuring we were building a system that could flex — whether it be a TV spot or a social post — was incredibly crucial. We needed to think proactively in how we were concepting and producing assets that could work the hardest for Visible in all instances — scalability was essential. Through countless iterations, sketches, brainstorms, file troubleshooting, and rounds, we landed on a beautifully, smart, and well-thought out 3D world that ultimately is highly ownable to Visible and continues to establish them as the mobile wireless company of choice.

Alongside these 3D assets, we created evergreen lifestyle photoshoot assets that leveraged the balance of humanity in an all digital space.

While there was something powerful about the digital-forward assets, the challenge persisted: how could we round out our system to include the touch of humanity? How could the 3D world coexist with the real world?

We worked with the award-winning photographer duo from Montreal, LM Chabot, to turn those thoughts into a reality. Through bringing elements of the Blue World 2.0 in coloring, lighting, textures + forms, and wardrobe, we were able to create a dynamic, captivating, and bold, yet consistent photographic language to compliment Visible’s brand new digital look.

Group Creative Director—Jeff Gillette | Creative Leads—Chris Church, Devin Kharpertian, and Jen Beck | Senior Designer—Emma Wood | Designer—Elena Anunciado (myself) | Production—Scholar

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