The New York City Marathon

New York Road Runners

Campaign Branding / Art Direction / Social Media / Out of Home / Video Concepting (TVC)
New York Road Runners
The New York City Marathon

The concept.

The TCS New York City Marathon is the largest marathon in the world bringing over 50,000 participants over five boroughs on the 26.2-mile course ever year. Since its first running in 1970, more than 1.2 million people having finished the race.

As the agency partner of New York Road Runners (NYRR), Madwell has been instrumental in shaping the iconic "It Will Move You" campaign, which has been seen both locally (plastered all over NYC through subway liveboards, bus wraps, wallscapes, etc.) and internationally (through social/OLV's/TVC's) for years. The 360 campaign spans from paid/organic social, programmatic display banners, print and digital OOH, and Online Video (OLV) + TV Commercial (TVC) spots.

The challenge.

Having been a part of the team as a designer for the 50th Anniversary Marathon Campaign in 2021, the ask for the re-vamped 2022 Refresh/Tune-In Campaign posed an interesting challenge. For 2022's Campaign, my role as a designer/art director was to create an updated, yet still familiar look/feel that could be applied to every visual extension of the campaign. The challenge lied in trying to create a brand identity that felt refreshed/new, but could also work alongside previously existing assets. Through a series of visual explorations, we landed on a new look that utilized "echos" in both type and imagery — conveying a sense of momentum/energy and nodding to previous years' graphic repetition work.

For the OLV/TVC spot, our team worked to concept/storyboard/produce a commercial that evoked a renewed spirit of excitement, encouragement, passion, thrill, and conviction for the race.

Through a revitalizing the graphic and strategic campaign, we were able to create hard-hitting, relevant, and emotionally moving assets for the world's largest marathon.

Executive Design Director—Conor Birney | Creative Director—Mauricio Galvan | Copy Director—David Salisbury| Associate Creative Director—Alex Kaufman | Copywriter—Kaitlin Bowen | Designer—Elena Anunciado (myself)

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