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Design Camp

The concept.

Created by LSW Architects in 2018, Design Camp (previously known as Young Architects Design Camp) was a “summer camp” experience focused on cultivating creativity and exploration in children 7-12 years old. Due to 2020’s COVID crisis, Design Camp needed a way to pivot in response to not being able to meet in person. From there, DSGNCAMP2020 (Design Camp 2020) was born: a three box summer box subscription, with the ultimate goal being to place an emphasis on design-based thinking, imagination, teamwork, and fun.

The challenge.

Though Design Camp existed in previous years, DSGNCAMP2020 was a whole new venture that required creating and building a brand from the ground up. This included (but was not limited to): creating an overall theme/story/brand for the boxes, developing curriculum for each of the three boxes, designing a visual identity that would span across print/web/socials, creating and assembling a system for box orders to be assembled/shipped, designing/building out a website, creating content for and managing social media, filming tutorial videos to accompany each lesson/to post on social media, and more.

This entire project was a labor of love that had many moving parts. While a huge undertaking, it was incredibly rewarding to be a part of nearly every part of the process—from ideation, creation, and promotion—and to see be able to cultivate and hone skills beyond my design capability.

Design Camp Vision—Casey Wyckoff | Product Design—Rafer Stromme | Web Development—AJ Robertson | Photography—Carli Rude | Videography—Nate Shipps | Overall Strategy/Brand Development/Print + Digital Design/Social Media/Project Management—Elena Anunciado (myself)

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