Dancing with Myself


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Dancing with Myself


4x Platinum MUSE Award Winner

The concept.

Singles Awareness Day is an unofficial holiday celebrating singlehood and independence on the day after Valentine’s Day. For Visible Mobile, Singles Day has been a tentpole activation to highlight it's one-line wireless offering; a reminder to all singles that you don't need a family plan to save — you only need you. This year, in honor of Singles Awareness Day, we wanted to make a Singles Day single, covering a classic singles anthem for single people... and what better way to celebrate than with a cover of Billy Idol's iconic "Dancing with Myself",  the ultimate singles anthem? And what better person to cover it than Maren Morris, recently divorced, and who left her successful country music career for one in pop after faulting the country music industry for intersecting with "misogynistic and racist and homophobic and transphobic" sentiments.

In all aspects of Maren's life, she has embraced independence, making her the perfect person to represent singlehood empowerment.

The challenge.

The musical performance takes place in Grimey's New & Preloved Music in Nashville, one of the most historic and famous record stores in Nashville and coincidentally one of Maren’s favorite places. We wanted the music video to feel nostalgic and familiar, but also a fresh interpretation of the original song. We worked with Gabe Simon (a critically acclaimed producer of Noah Kahan, Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey, Maroon 5, Anderson .Paak, and many more) to reimagine the single with a cool, new wave sheen.

When it came to creating the music video, there was a fine line we needed to balance with making it feel authentic to Maren as an artist and performer, while infusing Visible as a brand to be a connective thread throughout. Through subtle branded moments (i.e. the record label/sleeve designs and touches of Visible's brand blue infused in the backdrop/lighting/props/etc), we were able to create content that felt bold, empowering, relatable, fresh, energetic, and inspiring — creating an ad that felt far from an ad, and much more like something any person might relate to and champion in their own life.

The result of the campaign was an immense success. From Rolling Stone, Billboard, to People, the campaign, which launched February 15, 2024, garnered huge earned media coverage. With over a million views on YouTube and counting, as well as mentions from Billy Idol himself, our campaign breathed life into mobile wireless in a truly original, impactful way.

We even won 4x Platinum MUSE Awards for best Music Video (Video), Online Ad: Single (Advertising), Music (Video), and Entertainment (Branded Content).

Creative Leads—Elinor Beltrone, Devin Kharpertian | Senior Copywriter—Kaitlin Bowen | Designer—Elena Anunciado (myself) | Director—Zollo Mehdi | Photographer—Sophia Matinazad

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