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The concept.

Rebranding, content strategy, copywriting, web design, web development for Albi, a meeting assistant that extracts key insights from your meeting and delivers them to the right people.

The challenge.

For this rebrand/web project, my role was to create a web design for the site, as well as illustrations to accompany the newly revamped Albi brand. Trying to find an illustration style (that brought out a fun and energizing visual approach) to successfully communicate what might seem like an “elusive” tech experience in a simple way was an incredibly challenging but equally rewarding experience.

Through this process, I was able to explore an illustration style that departed from my comfortable style, resulting in growth as a designer.

Project Team Leader/Overall Branding Design—Mack Stromme | Web Development—AJ Robertson | Web Design/Illustrations—Elena Anunciado (myself)

Work done for Riff Creative Agency

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