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Southern Adventist University
Overlap. Magazine

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The concept.

“OVERLAP.” is a fictitious art/culture/travel magazine for young adults, capturing distinct personalities and shared humanity through the sharing of stories. In this particular issue, the focus was on stories about the places we’ve been—whether they be physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual places—and how they’ve informed who we are today.

The magazine was created with the intent to be a safe space where, for even a brief moment in time, our journeys could overlap.

The challenge.

The entire magazine from concept to creation was to consist of original content. Whether that be design, illustrations, photography, writing, and any other content (that includes partnering with other classmates and friends for writing submissions, crafting our own articles from interviews, etc.), every piece of this magazine needed to be created and complied without the help of stock material.

This project helped me grow in a number of ways. It taught me what it means to create a cohesive piece of work in a way that is varied, but cohesive throughout. In addition to exercising time management skills (creating short term and long term to-do list’s, coordinating with other peoples’ schedules, etc.), this magazine gave me the opportunity to connect with so many different people. Creating OVERLAP. was a culmination of writing, designing, and connecting. I’m so grateful for the chance to have created something that involved so many of my greatest passions.

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